During the school year, we will be working on the following skills:

Language Arts and Literacy: At four years old, children begin to realize that they can put letters together to make basic words, and words together to make basic sentences. Your child will practice writing skills while writing their name and simple words. They recite poems and share stories about their lives. Learning to name and identify colors. Learning the alphabet and writing their names. 

Mathematics: Per our curriculum, your child will count and compare objects and groups of objects. They participate in making graphs, completing patterns and measuring things with conventional and nonconventional measuring tools.

They will learn Numbers, Counting & Pre-Math Skills and Basic Shapes.

They learn to identify and compare objects by size. They will measure and weigh themselves. Though they are very young, they will learn basic length and weight. They will learn to use the proper expressions such as ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘one more’, ‘bigger’, ‘smaller’, ‘shorter’, ‘taller’, ‘longer’, and ‘heavier’.

Social and Emotional Development: Children begin to understand the meaning of friendship by the time they are four years old. They hug each other or sit with their arms around one another as they read a book. They begin identifying their feelings. We encourage children to discuss their emotions.

Science: At four years old, children are very inquisitive, so we created the science curriculum. Children make observations, daily weather and identify differences in the seasons. They plant seeds and record the growth, learn the importance of keeping the earth clean and how to recycle at school and home.

Gross and Fine Motor Development: Our Pre-K children have good control of their fine motor skills. They use crayons to turn scribbles into letters and words. They can zip, button and snap their own clothes. During Family Style Dining, they will try to serve themselves, passing food to others.

Imaginative & Cooperative Play:

At Small Blessings Child Care Center (SBCCC) we believe that it's important to have play-based approach which improves imaginative and cooperative play which is an integral part of early childhood development.  Through play your preschooler will develop his/her sense of self, build imagination, practice problem solving, and learn social skills