During the school year, we will be working on the following skills:

Language Arts and Literacy: Your child will practice writing skills while tracing straight, wavy and curved lines. They will trace letters of the alphabet, numbers (1 through 10), learn to name and identify colors. They will recite poems.

Mathematics: In our curriculum, the children will practice counting beads and blocks, and begin solving simple math problems. Our teachers will also work with the children to identify similarities and differences within a group of objects.

Science:  Three to four year old children are given the opportunity to practice observation and problem solving skills.  Children will make observations on the daily weather and identify differences in the seasons. They will plant seeds and see them grow. They will also learn parts of the human body. 

Social and Emotional Development: Small Blessings Child Care Center (SBCCC) provides an ideal atmosphere to play, learn, take turns and sharing with friends.

Gross and Fine Motor Development: We provide opportunities for our children to work on gross motor skills. They will practice walking in a straight line, walking backwards, jumping, throwing, catching, balancing on one foot and hopping. Our teachers will instill in them confidence and support them to have the motivation to continue to develop new skills.

We at SBCCC also support fine motor development through the use of appropriate materials such as playdough, crayons, markers, puzzles, etc. Children are encouraged to practice scribbling, and some of those scribbles will begin to resemble letters and words. Children will also learn to feed themselves during our family style meals, zip up or button their coats, and wash and dry their hands independently.